Queen Stelyna, Prince Bafouolo, Naomi Dado facing our guest Fred Bulver

Aya Nakamura

In the Family, Queen Stelyna, Prince Bafouolo and Naomi Dado each present a song and an event. With Claudy Siar, they also welcome Fred Bulver, owner of Créole Avenue, a cultural and gastronomic place located in Rungis, Ile- of France. He tells us about this place which receives, every week, live Afro-Caribbean artists.

Naomi’s Choice

Aya Nakamura- Baby

Didier Awadi feat Diyane Adams – When you refuse, you say no

Prince’s Choice

Gally Garvey- kosa kaka

Leila Chicot – should have been me

Queen Stelyna’s Choice

Dom Trunwar – Life is an art (Freestyle)