Putin sends the warship Zircon to the Atlantic

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A weapon without parallel, that’s how Russian President Vladimir Putin describes the new hypersonic cruise robot Zircon. Putin claims that the advanced naval target robot is unique – the speed tops out at 11,000 kilometers per hour and is therefore very difficult to defend against.

On Wednesday, Russia dispatched a ship equipped with the weapons system to the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean.

– Of course, you want to highlight that you have gained a capacity and an ability, where you consider this weapon system to be operational, says Rein Pella, military teacher at the University of Defense.

– It is likely that there are five, ten robots that they have succeeded in manufacturing and equipping a ship, he continues.

Threats to the United States

The naval target robot will likely not be immediately deployed in the war in Ukraine, but if it produces more systems it could be directed even further west.

– In the long term, it could become a threat to American aircraft carrier groups, but then you probably have to manufacture more robots and equip more ships, says Rein Pella.

See photos of the dreaded weapon – and hear the expert’s analysis – in the player above.