Putin prepares for military confrontation with NATO

The warning comes from the head of Estonia’s foreign intelligence service, Kaupo Rosin, the news agency reports Reuters.

At a press briefing, the intelligence chief said the assessment was based on Russian plans to double the number of forces stationed along its border with NATO members Finland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

– Russia has chosen a path of long-term confrontation and the Kremlin probably anticipates a possible conflict with NATO within the next decade or so, says Kaupo Rosin.

Unlikely in the short term

A military attack by Russia is “highly unlikely” in the short term, says Rosin, largely because Russia currently has to keep troops in Ukraine. The intelligence chief also claims that it will remain unlikely if the Russian military buildup is matched by Europe.

– If we are not prepared, the probability (of a military Russian attack) would be much higher than without any preparations, says Rosin.

Estonia, and the other Baltic states, have increased their military spending to over two percent of the value of their economies, after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014, Reuters reports.

Germany plans to have 4,800 combat-ready soldiers in the region by 2027, in its first permanent foreign deployment since World War II, and roughly 600 Swedish soldiers are expected to be stationed in Lithuania

In Estonia, roughly 600 new bunkers will also be built at the border crossings to Russia.

Criticizing Trump

There are many indications that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. The revelation that he previously threatened a NATO country president that he would not defend allies who did not spend enough on defense has been met with sharp criticism worldwide.

– Such statements are never helpful, says Rosin at the press conference.

The Estonian warning comes days after similar warnings from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who believes that Russian aggression could spread to other countries if they win the war in Ukraine

In the interview with Tucker Carlson, Putin himself claims that it is not up to Russia to invade other European countries.

– Why would we do that? We have no interest in that. It’s just scaremongering, says Putin in the well-known interview.