Putin: Prefers Biden to Trump

Putin has for the first time commented on this year’s election spurt in the United States.
In an interview, Putin says he prefers Biden to Trump.
He is a more experienced, predictable person, a politician of the old school, says Putin.

When the Russian interviewer asked Putin which of the US presidential candidates would be best “for us”, Putin answered without hesitation. This is reported by Reuters with reference to Russian media.

– Biden. He is a more experienced, predictable person, a politician of the old school, says Putin and continues with a smile on his face:

– But we will work with any American president in whom the American people have confidence.

It is the first time Putin has commented on the battle for the presidency in the United States. The interview comes after Trump criticized NATO countries for siphoning off US resources.

Question marks about Trump’s attitude to NATO

During a rally in South Carolina, Trump claimed that he threatened a leader of a NATO country that Russia “can do whatever the hell they want” if the country in question does not pay its fair share.

The NATO countries have a common goal that each member country must spend a sum corresponding to two percent of the country’s GDP on NATO’s common defense capability, a goal that some countries have not lived up to.

Trump’s advisers have also opened up that countries that do not pay the fee should not be protected by Article Five, which means that an attack on a member state must be considered an attack on the entire alliance.

Trump’s statement has drawn strong criticism from both Joe Biden and EU and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

It has also raised questions about how the US will deal with NATO and Russia if Trump becomes president again.