Putin maintains the vagueness of his 2024 presidential candidacy

Putin maintains the vagueness of his 2024 presidential candidacy

The September parliamentary elections locked, the repression of the opposition continues to blow and everyone in Russia expects this to last until 2024, the year of the next presidential election. A deadline on which Vladimir Putin likes to blow hot and cold.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Anissa El Jabri

Talking about his succession is something ” destabilizer “. This was Vladimir Putin’s position for the month of October. This Tuesday, the Russian president nevertheless returned to this subject.

In accordance with the Constitution, I have the right to stand for a new term, the Kremlin strongman explained. I haven’t decided yet if I will or not. But the mere fact that I have this right stabilizes the domestic political situation.

The stability of the country is also the argument used to concentrate power and suppress the opposition. Alexei Navalny has been in prison since this winter and all its activists are under pressure.

Remove any dispute

According to a newspaper survey Kommersant, more than a third of the coordinators of the Navalny movement have now left the country. Others would have liked to do it, but too late: they are under criminal investigation and sometimes already behind bars in the provinces, out of sight.

The Kremlin seeks to suppress all opposition but also all protest. We learned today that Russia is developing software to predict social movements. Demonstrations or brawls in stadiums, everything must be able to be anticipated by monitoring the media, publications on social networks and data from cameras already numerous in public space.

Russia’s basic law was reformed in 2020 to allow Vladimir Putin to remain in the Kremlin, if he wishes, until 2036, when he will be 83 or 84 years old.

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