Put a sponge in the washing machine – this little-known tip will save your clothes

Put a sponge in the washing machine this little known

Here’s how a sponge can work miracles in the washing machine.

Everyone who has pets at home is faced with a recurring problem: cat and dog hair on clothing. Despite repeated washing, it always remains on freshly washed clothes. Fortunately, a simple and economical tip could revolutionize your washing routine so that you always have impeccable clothes. It simply involves using a sponge, but not just any sponge!

We all have sponges at home. To wash the dishes, to clean the table, to clean… It is an essential part of home maintenance. After reading this article, you will find a new use for this everyday object, and you will always have a sponge next to the washing machine. This tip will really change your life, especially if you own a dog, a cat, or are losing your hair.

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Are you wondering how a sponge can revolutionize the washing of your laundry? Simply by sliding it into the drum of the machine. But before explaining this technique in detail, here is how to choose the right sponge. Not all sponges are created equal for this tip. It is advisable to opt for a sponge with an abrasive side, but not too much. It must be soft enough not to damage clothing while still being effective in capturing hair. Avoid metal sponges which could cause snags in the fabrics.

The instructions for use are very simple. Place your clothes in the washing machine as usual. Put a clean sponge (ideally new, or one that was just used for this trick) directly into the drum of the machine. Start your usual washing program. At the end of the cycle, simply remove the sponge and clean it to remove any hair it has captured. You can rinse it with lukewarm water to clean it completely before using it again.

The idea behind this tip is quite simple. During the wash cycle, the sponge acts as a hair collector. Thanks to its porous and slightly abrasive texture, it manages to catch and retain these unwanted particles that come off clothing.