public television placed in compulsory liquidation, the government hopes to take it back in hand

public television placed in compulsory liquidation the government hopes to

The revolution in Polish media continues. The new government elected in December wants to reduce the influence of the Law and Justice populists in public television channel number 1, which has been placed in liquidation.

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With our correspondent in Warsaw, Martin Chabal

The Polish government hopes to regain control over the TVP channel, and this legal decision could be the right one.

Since December, all attempts at reform have stalled. President Andrzej Duda, an ally of Law and Justice, had also vetoed the government’s recent public media financing law to block any changes. A veto which was also a response to the Minister of Culture Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, who took the decision to dismiss and replace the pro-Law and Justice management of these media. An action bordering on legality for many observers. Law and Justice had criticized the methods of the Minister of Culture, even describing them as “totalitarian“.

This liquidation is therefore an important step forward for the government in place. Although the method used to get rid of the influence of Law and Justice in the media remains questionable.

But according to experts, it remains more acceptable than dismissing and replacing leaders unilaterally.