Public Prosecution Service starts investigation into sexist ‘list of chicks’ circulating among students: ‘Libel and slander’

Public Prosecution Service starts investigation into sexist list of chicks

What happened?

A PowerPoint presentation with students from the Utrechtse Vrouwelijke Studentenvereeniging (UVSV) society is circulating in the Utrecht student world. This was made by members of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps (USC).

The women have been divided into two groups under the heading ‘Grieten presentation year 23’. The first group consists of women who are popular with the makers, the women in the second group are called ‘dragons’.

According to UVSV, there is no incident, but a pattern. “In a number of student associations, sexism and macho culture are still the norm. This unacceptable behavior must stop.”

“The presentation that is circulating and the misogynistic texts it contains are downright shocking and go beyond all bounds,” Mayor Sharon Dijksma said in a response.

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences calls the situation “painful and highly objectionable”.

The Utrecht Student Corps itself responded earlier today and called it “a disgusting action”. The responsible members have been temporarily suspended and are not allowed to go on a ski trip.