PSG – Lille: a good rehearsal for Paris, the match summary

PSG – Lille a good rehearsal for Paris the match

Getting off to a bad start after Yazici’s early opening score, PSG quickly reacted and then rolled forward, offering an attractive face in attitudes and intentions (3-1). More than ever leader of Ligue 1, the Parisian club has prepared well before returning to the Champions League.

23:40 – Good night

Thank you all for accompanying us to follow the meeting of the 21st day of League 1 between PSG and Lille.

23:35 – A concerned PSG, the match summary

A concerned PSG, the match summary - PSG - Lille ©Thibault Camus/AP/SIPA

It was feared that Parisian minds would be turned towards the crucial meeting on Wednesday with the arrival of Real Sociedad in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League. The large reshuffle carried out by Luis Enrique went in this direction with the majority of the usual starters (Mbappé, Donnarumma, Zaire-Emery, Marquinhos…) on the bench but the men on the ground demonstrated that PSG has reserves and that he can rely on a strong and quality group. It is not Lille who will be able to deny this.

However, the Mastiffs believed they could take advantage of the circumstances by attacking the match hard and quickly opening the score thanks to Yazici, an opportunist in the area. We had been playing for six minutes and the Parc des Princes was wondering what kind of evening they were going to attend. To his great pleasure, he quickly understood that the “replacements” were not extras and that the pace was going to be maintained with high and aggressive pressing. Thus, barely four minutes later, Dembélé appeared at the feet of Alexsandro on the edge of the Lille area and was able to pass in the axis to Gonçalo Ramos who only had to push the ball into the goal where Chevalier was no longer after its relaunch. The relaunch of the big black spot in Lille. This error would lead to others but it was in another situation that LOSC faltered. After a rush to the left, the Portuguese striker from PSG saw his cross pass in front of the Lille goal. Dembélé made the effort to recover it near the corner post and gave it back to Ruiz whose cross was deflected by Alexsandro, not really inspired to clear, into his own net.

Two damaging mistakes which had the misfortune of making Lille lose their compass. From then on, PSG showed seriousness and diligence. The Parisian supporters were able to appreciate a collective concerned and determined to impose their tempo until the hour mark before faltering physically. Luis Enrique then used his luxury bench to re-energize. A profitable choice like Barcola who dynamited the right side of the northern defense. With a sharp acceleration, he dropped Ismaily then found Kolo Muani in the center who just had to push. The latter was even close to scoring a double but his heavy strike from the right was repelled by Chevalier, author of several decisive saves which saved his team from a more severe disappointment. On the bench, Mbappé didn’t need to take off his tracksuit to enjoy the spectacle put on by his teammates.

Four days before the big meeting of its season, PSG has reassured about its game, its ideas and its motivation. Better still, he did it while preserving his strength and without having to suffer any injuries. More than ever at the top of Ligue 1, the reigning champion can concentrate on the C1. Real Sociedad has been warned.

23:30 – PSG widens the gap

With its success against Lille, PSG further establishes its domination over Ligue 1 and temporarily increases its lead to 11 points over Nice, which hosts AS Monaco tomorrow evening. For its part, LOSC remains fourth.

23:20 – The words of Kolo Muani

Author of the third and final Parisian goal, Randal Kolo Muani stopped at the Canal+ microphone to talk about PSG’s victory against Lille. “We put in a very good performance, we are proud of ourselves even if we started badly. We were able to react very well and it was a very good test before Wednesday which we succeeded in. We feel better and better”did he declare.

23:10 – André’s reaction

Asked about the scenario, Benjamin André regretted the “big gifts” made by his team at the start of the match. “It takes us out of the match and then we lose track. We started with principles, as we know how to do, and behind that, we give two great gifts and everything goes wrong. It’s a shame because there was room “explained the Lille captain with annoyance, at the microphone of Canal+.

22:58 – PSG continues (3-1)

A week after having defeated Strasbourg with difficulty, PSG has Lille with authority and consolidates its leading position in Ligue 1 (3-1). Surprised from the start by Yazici, the Parisians then raised their tone and showed great aggression while making efforts, particularly defensively, to reverse the situation. Gonçalo Ramos and Kolo Muani scored and gave Luis Enrique confidence, just as Dembélé was confusing and inspired in his choices. For its part, LOSC has little to reproach itself against an opponent too strong for it and can even thank Chevalier that the bill is not heavier.

22:56 – Mukiele in front of his line

At 90+4, Ounas dives behind Mukiele’s back and crosses back for Cabella. In front of the penalty point, Lille curls from the inside of the right to the near post and sees the Parisian full-back throw himself to get the ball out.

22:55 – Beraldo accurately

Alexsandro sends the ball deep for David between the two centrals. The Canadian striker from Lille is taken over by Beraldo.

22:53 – Badly given by Ounas

On the right side at 35 meters, Ounas searches in depth for David and Cabella but his ball lobs all the way and goes to Navas.

22:52 – Gomes unscrews

Coming off a throw-in from Hakimi, Gomes recovered the ball 25 meters away and followed up with a shot from the right. He takes the ball with the outside of his foot and his attempt goes wide.

22:52 – Additional time: 5 minutes

There will be five minutes of added time in this second half between PSG and Lille.

22:50 – Alexsandro above

Haraldsson appears in the area to the left of the 6 meters and sees Ugarte take the ball away from him with an impeccable tackle. The next corner is played back for Gomes who places his ball from the inside of the right in front of the goal where Alexsandro does not dominate the leather enough and sends it over the crossbar.

22:49 – Ounas without danger

On the right side, Ounas gets rid of Mukiele and strikes again to strike with the left. His shot is on Navas and does not worry him.

22:46 – Knight still decisive

After a recovery from Ugarte in midfield, Zaire-Emery quickly plays forward and sends the ball into the race of Barcola on the left. The latter fixes Tiago Santos, pretends to open his right foot and closes it at the last moment but Chevalier protects his near post and makes another save.

22:45 – Change for Lille

In the wake of the Parisian goal, in the 82nd minute, Paulo Foseca made his last substitution with the entry of Haraldsson in place of Yazici.

22:43 – Break goal for Kolo Muani (3-1)

Barcola has fire in his legs and makes the difference at the slightest acceleration. Poking his ball, he places Ismaily on the left and pushes his effort before crossing hard in front of the goal. Kolo Muani passes Tiago Santos and finishes unopposed. In the 81st minute, PSG gave itself some margin.

22:41 – Double opportunity for Yazici

Ouans overflows to the right of the Parisian area and finds Yazici behind. With his left, he opens his foot but his shot ricochets off Danilo. The ball comes back to him but he comes up against another Parisian.

22:38 – Barcola’s counter

Vitinha takes advantage of Lille looking after a corner in their favor, and restarts in the left lane for Barcola. The former Lyon player plays his one on one with Tiago Santos and manages to reach the opponent’s area where his cross at the end of the race is repelled by Chevalier, before Kolo Muani commits a foul on the Lille goalkeeper.

22:36 – Alexsndro clears with a header

At the near post, Alexsandro has the best timing and the best reading of the trajectory of the Parisian corner to repel the danger with his head.

22:36 – Fourth change for PSG

In the 73rd minute, Luis Enrique sent Zaire-Emery onto the field to replace Gonçalo Ramos.

22:35 – Huge save from Chevalier

Barcola manages to get in a cross from the right of the area. From the chest, Kolo Muani takes the ball at the expense of Tiago Santos. The former Nantes player bypasses the Lille defense and strikes hard with his right hand, flush with the right post. He comes up against Chevalier, perfect on his line to maintain hope for LOSC.

22:34 – Tiago Santos in the stands

The Lille corner, taken from the right, is pushed back to the near post by Kolo Muani. The ball arrives at Tiago Santos, who from the edge of the area, fires a half-volley from the right which escapes him and rushes into the stands.

22:31 – David does not pass

Sent deep on the right, David poses the danger for Lille but Beraldo prevents him from passing and ends up conceding a corner which LOSC does not exploit.

22:30 – New change for PSG

Luis Enrique continues his coaching and his management of playing time. Hernandez leaves the pitch in the 69th minute and is replaced by Hakimi, who will position himself on the right, forcing Mukiele to migrate to the left.

22:30 – Triple change for Lille

In the 66th minute, Paulo Fonseca made three changes at once with the departures of André, Zhegrova and Gudmundsson, replaced respectively by David, Ounas and Cabella.