PS5: stocks, games, accessories … The best offers in 2023

PS5 stocks games accessories The best offers in 2023

Want to expand your Playstation library? Find all the promotions and stocks available on the PS5 universe listed just below.

[Mis à jour le 10 janvier 2023 à 10h34] 2023 finally seems to be the year of renewal for the home console market, since it seems that the days of shortage are numbered. Buyers tired of having to chase after the console’s meager stocks can be relieved to see the famous Playstation 5 in stock on various sites, and this in a sustainable way. But that’s not all, promotions and offers on some of the best console games continue in early 2023, enough to have the opportunity to enrich your library of games at a lower cost. Stock of consoles, promotions on the best PS5 games and accessories, we have listed all the best offers from the Sony universe just below.

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On the home console market, the war rages between Sony and Xbox, who compete mercilessly to seduce undecided gamers. Over time, each of the two brands has created a universe of exceptional exclusives, encouraging fans of specific licenses to keep the same type of consoles from one generation of hardware to another. At Sony, these exclusives are both legion, and cults, with big names that are still a hit today, such as The Last of Us, God of War or even Gran Turismo. We take stock of the best offers on PS5 games just below.

Beyond its overpowered console, Sony has developed a whole range of accessories allowing you to improve your gaming experience. From Pulse headsets to DualSense controllers, via PS+ subscriptions, here are the best offers and promotions on PS5 accessories . Just below you’ll find the best prices for DualSense controllers, if you want to host friends for wild couch parties, promotions on Pulse headphones renowned for their quality sound, and offers on PS+ gift cards.

CDiscount has for some time established itself as the leader of the Playstation 5 market in France. By far the most regular of resellers when it comes to Sony’s console, the website has quickly made a reputation for putting the console up for sale several times a week. Small problem only on the platform, the consoles are only very rarely sold alone. CDiscount instead offers packs including the console, one or two controllers, various accessories and several games. A bargain for anyone who wants to build a gaming setup.

PS5s at CDiscount

The second brand to put the PS5 back in stock most often, Amazon benefits greatly from its international influence and the multiplicity of its European sites. Good news for French consumers who can try to get the Sony console on the Amazon ES, Amazon GER, Amazon UK, Amazon IT and Amazon FR sites. So many opportunities which are also proportional to the quantity of potential customers, leading to strong competition on PS5 restocking. It is therefore necessary to monitor the American site diligently, which we do for you in this article.

The PS5 at Amazon

At Micromania, we can’t boast of putting many PS5 consoles on sale lately. The video game retailer has not put the console back on sale for a few weeks, a rare but logical fact given the shortages still raging in the home console market and the recent Black-Friday 2022. Indeed, it could be that Micromania reserves its stocks for an occasion like Cyber ​​Monday for example, it will therefore be necessary to closely monitor the e-commerce site or even go to the store. As a reminder, on Micromania, you have the option to add the PS5 to your wishlist, allowing you to buy it more easily the day it is back in stock.