PS4 Game is on the Agenda Again After Six Years

Project Awakening, which was announced at E3 2018 and remained silent for a long time, has come to the fore again. It is thought that the game will be released for PS5 instead of PS4.

Planned exclusively for PlayStation 4 and seemingly forgotten after being announced six years ago Project Awakening, has started to attract the attention of the gaming world again with the latest developments. After it was first introduced at E3 2018, it appeared to be lost due to uncertainties in the development process. However, the game was brought back into the spotlight after Gematsu noticed that it was still listed as a “console experience” in a financial report.

PS4’s Mysterious Game Project Awakening is on the Agenda Again After Six Years

The description on the website for Project Awakening states that the game is “built on the principles of freedom, consequence and mastery in a living universe.” Considering that PlayStation 4 is in the last stage of its life, it seems more logical for the game to be released for PS5 instead of PS4. A launch on PS4 at this stage would negatively impact the commercial success of the game.

While a clear release date or platform confirmation has not yet been given by the developer, some sources suggest that the game may be ported to PS5. There is also speculation that there will be a game test planned for May 21 and that this test will take place on PS5. Although there is no clear information about the PS4 launch, the future of the game still remains uncertain.