Protect your Chromebook screen from other people

At first, this feature was thought to be for face recognition. However, according to the latest details, the purpose here is to protect you from prying eyes. Have you ever felt that someone is watching you curiously on the bus or at work?

That’s exactly what Google wants to prevent. Chromebook devices will feature human detection, so people looking towards the screen will be automatically detected. Immediately after, a warning will appear on the screen as you specify.
According to the latest details, the human detection feature is brought to provide complete privacy. Many different usage details of this feature have been revealed. For example, you can specify how you want to be alerted when someone is spying on you. Some can receive alerts by sound. Others want an eye mark to appear on the screen.

How you get a warning here is entirely up to you. If you want, the screen will go completely black. So your confidential information will be up to you. Sometimes people who encounter very prying eyes can feel uncomfortable with the situation. Google will prevent this with its newly developed system. It will greatly protect your Google Chromebook screen.

You need to give webcam permission to activate the feature. However, this permission may also cause you to be tracked by Google.

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