ProSieben’s Sunday plan completely failed without a blockbuster: the replacement show has already been cancelled

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In June, the private broadcaster ProSieben announced that it no longer wanted to show blockbusters on Sundays. Of the Broadcast slot at 8:15 p.m was one of the last places on television where great cinema could unfold. The plan was surprising, but sounded well thought out and well founded.

Ratings defeat for Local Hero: ProSieben stamps a new Sunday concept

In the future, self-produced shows should run on Sundays – after all, the broadcaster celebrated here with Who steals the show from me? and The Masked Singer great successes. Last Sunday, the concept had to withstand the first reality check: To speak of a failure would be an understatement. Only 420,000 viewers attracted the first episode Local Hero. For comparison: ProSieben regularly reached over a million people with blockbusters. But that doesn’t mean that Marvel, Star Wars and Co. are returning to ProSieben.

Because even ProSieben Maxx, where football was on, was better. The NFL should now also, at least in the short term, solve the Sunday problem. According to the DWDL, Local Hero has to move from the slot – officially not because of the bad ratings. Instead, ProSieben transmits
American football games, which are becoming increasingly popular in Germany, will be played every Sunday until the end of the season. The DWDL report does not reveal where and whether Local Hero will continue at all.

By the way, next year the NFL rights will change to RTL. Sooner or later, the broadcaster will have to think of a new alternative concept to fill the week’s busiest television day, which is now a problem child.

ProSieben has maneuvered itself into quite a dilemma, but of course suffers from external circumstances.

Why ProSieben abolished the Sunday blockbuster This change was triggered, at least in part, by the corona pandemic. Also the tentpole strategyi.e. the concentration of the major Hollywood studios on a few films with as many audiences as possible, forced the broadcaster to take the step, according to ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann: The number of major cinema titles from Hollywood is decreasing, and the pandemic has also caused many projects to come to nothing .

The cinemas remained empty for months from March 2020 due to the Corona measures. Also the Film industry productions paused. The backlog made itself felt with a delay at ProSieben.

Since we usually get films for free TV about two to three years after the theatrical release, we can already foresee due to the pandemic: It there won’t be a supply of new blockbusters that we find satisfactory in the near future.

In addition, of course, that Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon have been offering more convenient, flexible and, above all, advertising-free alternatives to the film experience on TV for years. Corresponding ProSieben recently boosted the show sector. Because here the streaming services are not a serious alternative.

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