Prosecutor related to gang leader Ismail Abdo – charged with leaking about murder

The internal division within the Foxtrot network resulted in a bloody wave of violence like last fall. The main characters were Rawa Majid and one of his former closest men, Ismail Abdo, who ended up in a revenge-driven conflict with each other.

At the same time as the violence created headlines, a case was opened against a prosecutor with family ties to Ismail Abdo, which SVT was able to reveal.

Now, despite his denial, the prosecutor is charged with two counts of breach of confidentiality.

Spread information about suspect

The first case is about her allegedly photographing a computer screen with information about a person who was suspected of serious weapons crime – and then sending the information to another person.

The second concerns that she allegedly leaked secret information about a murder south of Stockholm to another person, a case in which she herself was the head of the preliminary investigation.

The woman admits the actions in both cases but denies that they were criminal. According to her, “the aim has only been to ventilate to relatives her opinion about the circumstances of the murder”, as is clear from the lawsuit.

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Watch as Ismail Abdo, also known as “Strawberry” is arrested by Turkish police. Photo: IHA News