Promotions created with artificial intelligence were examined for the first time

Promotions created with artificial intelligence were examined for the first

Today Ministry of Commerce officially announced. Promotions created with artificial intelligence were examined for the first time.

The official statement made by the Ministry of Commerce on this important issue is as follows: happened: “The Advertising Board within the Ministry of Commerce has included advertisements created using artificial intelligence on its agenda for the first time, along with acts that victimize citizens and manipulate consumer perception. 120 of the 138 files discussed in the meeting numbered 337 of the Advertising Board within our Ministry dated September 12, 2023, were found to be contrary to the legislation, and an administrative fine of 12,231,507 TL was imposed in addition to the suspension penalty for the advertising and commercial practices in question. As a result of technological progress that affects habits and daily life in all areas of life, the ways and channels in which commercial advertisements are created and presented to consumers have begun to vary. These contents created by artificial intelligence, which directly or indirectly affect consumers’ purchasing decisions, have been examined by the Advertising Board, regardless of the way they are created or the medium in which they are published.


In this context, at the Board meeting numbered 337, administrative sanctions were imposed on 3 files related to promotions created by the artificial intelligence application called “ChatGPT”, containing expressions that convey the perception of superiority over competing products or companies, and not being based on objective research results. Recently, it has been observed that alcoholic beverage promotions, whose commercial advertising is prohibited, have been made, especially on social media channels, and the necessary investigation has been carried out by the Advertising Board. In this context, it was determined that an alcoholic beverage, whose advertising is prohibited, was promoted with a content designed in an interview-chat format, by placing it on the decor without directly mentioning the product name, and by using slogans identified with the product without including the product name or visual, and administrative sanctions were imposed on such veiled advertisements. There are.

Administrative sanctions were imposed by the Advertising Board at the board meeting held this month due to the fact that the “advertising” phenomenon in the advertised content regarding the ranking results did not meet the criterion of being clear and understandable in a way that could exploit the average consumer perception. As the Ministry of Commerce, we will continue to work meticulously to ensure that consumers are not victimized by manipulative acts in their decision-making processes and that actions that do not comply with commercial ethics are not taken in reaching consumers. It is announced to the public with respect.”