Product recall: be careful, these electric bikes can injure you!

Product recall be careful these electric bikes can injure you

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    An electrically assisted bicycle sold this summer by the Go Sport brand has a defect in a part, which can lead to external injuries or even a fall. The bike must be returned to the store.

    What is the model of bike concerned?

    • Product Category: Recreational Sports
    • Product subcategory: Sports and leisure equipment
    • Product Brand Name: SCRAPPER
    • Model names or references: VAE E MIX
    • Product identification: lot YA35W9
    • Marketing start/end date: From 05/01/2022 to 08/31/2022
    • Geographical area of ​​sale: whole of France
    • Distributors Integrated stores, affiliates and franchisees: GO SPORT and GO SPORT website

    What’s wrong with this e-bike?

    The problem with this bike sold from May to August in all Go Sport stores is a construction defect detected at the level of the left crank: according to the current recall, this can come off at any time and directly injure the user of the bicycle, or even cause the user to fall. Bikes sold after this date are not affected.

    What if you bought this product?

    Are you the owner of the model targeted by this product recall? The Go Sport brand recommends that you no longer use this bike and bring it back to the point of sale for repair. For more information, contact the point of sale or consumer service on 09 70 83 05 05. This recall procedure is valid until December 31, 2022.