Probably the best James Bond film of all time with an extremely harsh torture scene that was almost much more blatant

Probably the best James Bond film of all time with

In 2006, the James Bond series underwent its most radical reboot. After the franchise finally overshot its mark with the absurd Pierce Brosnan entry Die Another Day, Casino Royale returned the most iconic secret agent to the 007 beginning. The result is perhaps the best James Bond film ever.

The brilliant blockbuster with the first appearance of Daniel Craig will be shown on Sat.1 on Sunday. One can also be seen in the film violent torture scene, which Craig and villain actor Mads Mikkelsen initially wanted to make even more brutal. However, director Martin Campbell had to refuse.

That’s what Casino Royale with Daniel Craig is all about

The first Bond film to star Craig features the secret agent on his first mission after earning double-zero status with one kill. Here 007 has to take on the stock market speculator and arms dealer LeChiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) by joining a… Poker tournament of the villain takes part. Bond receives support from Vesper Lind (Eva Green), while a much larger plan gradually becomes visible.

Violent Bond torture couldn’t get any more blatant

In a later Casino Royale scene, Bond was exposed by LeChiffre and has to endure a terrible torture. According to Esquire, Mikkelsen spoke in an interview about how he and Craig had this intense scene originally even more brutal wanted to design.

At that time, both stars came from the independent sector and didn’t know that there were limits to a big blockbuster like James Bond:

We discussed how to approach it and took it a step further with something really brutal and crazy. One idea was that I actually cut him open somewhere and he had to suffer for a while. At a certain point, director Martin Campbell just smiled and said, ‘Guys, come back to the table. This is a Bond film. We can’t do that.’

The final torture scene was still quite surprising at the time and brought a dark brutality to the Bond series that hadn’t been seen in the franchise for a very long time.

When will the Bond masterpiece Casino Royale be on TV?

Sat.1 broadcasts the 007 hit October 1, 2023 at 8:15 p.m out of. Alternatively, Casino Royale streams with Sky’s WOW subscription. *

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