Probably no more interest rate hikes in the US

The central bank states in its interest rate statement that unemployment has increased slightly while the growth of the American economy has been “strong”.

Maria Landeborn thinks that the announcement sends mixed signals.

— Somewhere, I think the two take each other out. The economy is very strong, but unemployment has risen a bit.

It is the first time the Fed has left interest rates unchanged at two consecutive meetings since it began raising them in March 2022.

Maria Landeborn believes that the central bank’s interest rate will remain at its current level even after the next interest rate announcement at the end of the year. At the same time, she believes that the Fed will leave the door open for new increases until it is certain that inflation will continue downward towards the 2 percent target.

— To say that “now we have officially stayed at this interest rate level” is the same as easing monetary policy. You won’t do that, especially when the American economy is so incredibly strong.

For the Riksbank, it is positive that other central banks are pausing interest rate increases, according to Landeborn. This could mean following in the Fed’s footsteps, but it also provides an opportunity to strengthen the Swedish krona.

— What speaks for the Riksbank raising again, despite everything, is not inflation, but rather exchange rate trends. That you see that there is actually an opportunity to do something about the weak Swedish krona.