Probably even NASA didn’t expect this much! This time, Hurricane Nicole obstacle confronted Artemis I: It may have really touched the evil eye

Probably even NASA didnt expect this much This time Hurricane

They tried on August 29 and failed… They tried once again on September 3, but it didn’t work again… Then there was one obstacle after another. NASA’s Artemis I mission to the Moon could not be realized. The mission was delayed again, this time due to Hurricane Nicole. The takeoff of the new rocket, which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) planned to launch to the Moon yesterday, was decided to be postponed again due to Hurricane Nicole threatening Florida.


The third test of NASA’s SLS-Orion spacecraft “Artemis I” mega rocket, originally scheduled for launch in August but delayed due to stormy weather and lightning, was also delayed due to tropical storms.

NASA announced that it delayed the launch of the rocket until Wednesday, due to Hurricane Nicole, which is expected to hit Florida’s coastline in a few days.


The launch was delayed by technical difficulties in August and by Hurricane Ian in September. The new rocket will be NASA’s second attempt to send it to the Moon, after the Apollo 17 rocket in 1972. (AA)