Princess Madeleine’s cheeky beach photo: “Some…”

Princess Madeleines cheeky beach photo Some

It was a little more than a year ago that the royal house announced that the princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill would move home to Stockholm in August 2023.

This is after Madeleine and Chris decided that the family will live in Sweden for the time being. Behind them they would leave the luxurious life in Florida, where they had lived in recent years, for a life in the King’s court stable next to Strandvägen.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill’s residence at Östermalm in Stockholm. Image source: Anders Wiklund/TT Bild

The plan was that the princess Leonore and Prince Nicholas in the fall would start school, while the princess Adrienne would go to preschool. That was not the case.

Summer 2023 so revealed The Express that the entire family’s move has been postponed until 2024. The information was then confirmed by the court’s information manager Margaret Thorgren.

– The reason is neither a migration issue, the house sale, nor anything like that. It is simply that the time for the family with everything that a move entails, it has been a little too short, she told the newspaper.

Princess Madeleine is moving home again

There have been many theories as to why the move has been delayed. The newspaper Swedish Ladies editor in chief Johan T Lindwall believe that one reason why the couple moved around so much and lived in both Sweden, the USA and Great Britain has been because Chris wants to avoid the limelight.

The fact that the move to Stockholm was delayed, Lindwall believes, has to do with Chris O Neill, who can be seen as a form of stumbling block in the context.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill. Image source: Mikael Fritzon/TT Bild

Lindwall finds it difficult to see how Chris would get used to Stockholm, and in an interview Lindwall has said that Chris used to complain about all the attention he attracted. According to Lindwall, the fact that they chose to move to the US was also to avoid prying eyes.

– When Madeleine and Chris initially moved to the USA, it was to have a much more anonymous life than at home in Stockholm. Both Madeleine and Chris found it difficult every time they moved at home in Östermalm and basically everyone turned and looked with wide eyes. In Florida, they got away with it, Lindwall told the paper.

Princess Madeleine shared a beach photo of Chris O’Neill

On social media, Princess Madeleine usually shares pictures of the family, and both the children and Chris usually end up in front of the camera.

During Halloween, “Madde” and Chris dressed up as Yellowstone characters, while the kids chose to dress up as princesses and ghosts. The Halloween pictures in particular are a tradition for the family, and in addition to that, Madeleine always updates when one of the children has a birthday.

But the latest Easter picture of Madeleine immediately caused reactions – this as both Chris O’Neill and Prince Nicolas were missing from the Easter greeting. Something that some followers chose to comment on.

On Instagram Story, Princess Madeleine later posted a picture where she revealed why Chris and Nicolas were not in the picture.

“Some guys just want to hang out in the background…” she captioned the photo of Chris and Nicolas walking barefoot on the beach.

Princess Madeleine posted this picture of Chris and son Nicolas. Image source: Instagram/Princess_madeleine_of_sweden Followers’ wonder about Princess Madeleine’s face

It was not the only detail in the Easter picture that provoked reactions from followers. Several comments also came about Princess Madeleine’s face in the picture.

It was something that both Swedish and international followers reacted to.

“Why does Madeleine’s face look so strange?”, “I don’t recognize her” and “What happened to Princess Madeleine’s face?” were some comments. Other comments were about the picture being simply bad overall.

Reactions to Princess Madeleine’s Easter picture. Image source: Instagram

In any case, we think the princess was just as beautiful as usual!