Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, marred by the mink scandal, is struggling for her position in Denmark’s early elections

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Mobile voters will play a key role in Denmark’s parliamentary elections today. Former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s moderate party can rise to the top of the table in the hard-to-predict elections.

COPENHAGEN Prime minister by Mette Frederiksen the illegal decision to end the country’s mink stock exposed to the corona virus drove Denmark to early elections.

The deadline for holding new elections was only coming up in June.

However, Frederiksen, who represents the Social Democrats, had to bow to early new elections, when Radikale Venstre, which supported the government, threatened to withdraw its support if new elections were not held.

The election campaign has been characterized by an exceptional mobility of voters between parties and a large proportion of undecided voters.

Danish Radio interviewed (you move to another service)researcher by Kasper Møller Hansen according to that, voters would seem to be ready to change their party position as soon as they do not like the actions of the current party.

– On a weekly basis, mobility is three times faster than normal during an election campaign. We have not seen this kind of mobility before, says Møller Hansen.

The ex-prime minister wants to be a kingmaker

According to opinion polls, the left-wing bloc led by Frederiksen and the right-wing bloc, which is making an effort in the opposition, are fighting an equal battle during the elections.

Achieved by the left headway (you switch to another service) however, in the measurements of the last few weeks, it would not seem to be enough to achieve a majority in the Danish parliament.

The former prime minister of Denmark can become the kingmaker after the elections Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who has abandoned his political home in the centre-liberal Venstre party.

Løkke Rasmussen is running for parliament from the ranks of the centrist moderate party he recently founded. So far, he has not taken a position on which bloc the Moderates are ready to support after the elections.

Ex-prime minister Rasmussen’s strong rise during the election does not surprise the Danish radio’s political reporter Jens Ringberg.

– Lars Løkke Rasmussen is the “comeback kid” of Danish politics. He has made a comeback many times before. I think that Løkke Rasmussen and the Moderates will be in a central position after the election.

Frederiksen hopes for a broad government base

However, the most likely alternative to form the future government is the sitting Prime Minister Frederiksen, Ringberg estimates. During the elections, Frederiksen spoke in favor of a broad government base.

In practice, this would mean cooperation between the left and the right. Denmark’s right-wing bloc does not warm to Fredriksen’s offer. (you switch to another service)

The right wing suspects that Frederiksen’s goal is – despite the promises – to establish a new social democratic minority government.

On the other hand, the goal of the right-wing bloc is to create a government of either the conservative party by Søren Pape Poulsen or and the center-liberal Venstre Jakob Ellemann-Jensen under.

Along with Frederiksen, Pape Poulsen and Elleman-Jensen are the only candidates officially aspiring to become prime minister. Moderates Løkke Rasmussen has denied, despite the speculation, that he is seeking a third term as prime minister.

The far-right’s contribution is smaller than before

The contribution of the far-right is expected to be smaller than in the previous elections.

The Danish People’s Party, which shaped the direction of Denmark’s immigration policy, is fighting for its place in the parliament. The challenge is to exceed the two percent vote threshold.

– The Danish People’s Party has gone through a difficult period. This is partly because the issue of immigration, which is important to them, has become less important in politics, and partly because of a strong internal division that has led to many members leaving the party, Danish Radio’s Jens Ringberg analyzed.

Nye Borgerlige, which pursues a strict immigration policy, and the newcomer Danmarksdemokraterne have contributed to the decline of the Danish People’s Party.

According to Ringberg, there is also a relatively broad consensus on the need for a very strict immigration policy in Denmark.

The People’s Assembly has, among other things, approved a law according to which asylum seekers who have come to Denmark can in the future be sent to centers established outside the European Union.

Denmark and Rwanda in September signed a contract (you switch to another service) on cooperation related to the processing of asylum applications.

The state of health care is the number one issue in the elections

The state of Denmark’s health care has become the most important issue of the election.

The decision-makers are feverishly looking for ways to break up treatment queues swollen by the corona pandemic and to recruit healthcare professionals.

The elections have also discussed the financing of health and care for the elderly, as well as the division of labor between municipalities, regions and states.

The sitting Prime Minister Fredriksen has promised a large aid package to remedy the situation. He has also expressed that he is ready to do healthcare reform with Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s moderate party.

– In Denmark, everyone must have the right to care, regardless of whether he has money or not. This is important, Copenhagener Mikael Soelberg says to .

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The Danish Parliament

  • The People’s Assembly (Folketinget) has 179 representatives.
  • 175 are selected from Denmark.
  • Two representatives are elected from both the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
  • The election period lasts a maximum of four years.
  • The Prime Minister decides the election day.
  • The National Assembly now has representatives from 17 different parties.
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