Priest in his 60s masturbates in front of children in Västra Götaland

Priest in his 60s masturbates in front of children in

A priest in his 60s was recently convicted of sexual molestation, which Siren also reported on.

Priest masturbating in front of children

During the summer of 2022, the priest allegedly exposed himself on a balcony in Västra Götaland and began to masturbate in front of five children.

In the description of the deed, which News24 taken note of, it says that the priest, while masturbating, “shine a flashlight on himself”.

The priest denies the act in the prosecution for sexual molestation. He believes that he lacked intent as he cannot be held responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

However, the District Court considers that he was sufficiently aware of his actions to be held responsible.

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Sentenced to a suspended sentence

The priest was therefore sentenced to a suspended sentence and 100 daily fines of SEK 18,000, which also includes a knife crime in Gothenburg.

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