Price update for Twitch Turbo that removes ads

Price update for Twitch Turbo that removes ads

removes ads Twitch Turbo The price has been updated for the subscription. Prices have been increased in some markets.

Last night “As of May 25, 2023 Twitch Turbo The subscription price has been updated to suit local conditions in different countries around the world.” The major live streaming platform owned by Amazon, which made the announcement Twitchincreased the US price of the subscription from $8.99 to $11.99. Turbo, which has local pricing for many regions, bypasses Turkey in this regard. At this stage, Türkiye’s price is lower than the US price, but in terms of payment “TL” is not used. To subscribe to Turbo in Turkey $6.99 must be given, at this current exchange rate 140 TL doing.


Alright Twitch Turbo What exactly does it offer? The company states the following in this regard: “Turbo is a monthly subscription program offered on Turbo subscription provides these benefits:

  • -Ad-free viewing on all Twitch: You can watch your favorite broadcasts without video or print ads. The exception is channel sponsorships. You can still see the promotions activated by the broadcaster on the channels and the content supported by Twitch outside the channel pages.
  • -Extended Expression Set: You can choose from two additional emoticon sets (Glitch or monkeys sets) and change them later at any time.
  • -Custom Chat Username Colors: Stand out with your custom-colored username.
  • -Chat Badge: You can proudly wear the special chat badge that shows you are a Turbo user.
  • -Longer broadcast retention: Your past streams on Twitch, standard 7 days instead, it is stored for up to 60 days.”