Press information: Russia wants to send female prisoners to the front

Press information Russia wants to send female prisoners to the

The Moscow Times newspaper writes that Russia has recruited 50 women to the front from the penal colony in Snizhe in Donetsk.

About the Russian project to send female prisoners to Ukraine (you transfer to another service) also says the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, referring to the article of the Russian newspaper.

Moscow Times (you will switch to another service) writes that the recruiters who were on the move in February selected prisoners to be trained on the Russian side before being placed in Ukraine. Information on the recruitment of female prisoners has also been obtained from other sources.

– A sleeper train was sent to Donetsk. There were female prisoners in one of the wagons, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said on the Telegram messaging service a week ago on Monday.

It is said that the recruiters of the Wagner forces operating in Ukraine are also looking for people willing to go to the front from physical education high schools and sports schools.

According to DN’s information, a hundred women have been sent to Ukraine either by force or voluntarily.