President Tebboune confirms his visit to France and a meeting with Emmanuel Macron

President Tebboune confirms his visit to France and a meeting

In an interview broadcast on Algerian television on Saturday March 30, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune confirmed that he will visit France next fall. Postponed several times, this visit should mark the improvement between the two countries after a number of diplomatic crises. The Élysée announced on March 11 that the Algerian president would make a state visit to France. late September-early October “. The Algerian president today welcomes progress.

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The Algerian head of state returned to this visit, scheduled several times but each time postponed. This time, responding to a journalist asking him if the visit was maintained, he confirmed it: “ Of course the visit is maintained, for several reasons, firstly, it is an appointment not to be missed in history. [Ce n’est] not a meeting between President Macron and the Algerian president, no. »

President Tebboune considers that relations between the French and Algerian presidents have reached a stage of maturity. This while last December, Algiers assured that the conditions of a visit were “not not suitable »mentioning five issues to be resolved beforehand, including those of memory, mobility and French nuclear tests in the Algerian desert.

Today, Abdelmadjid Tebboune welcomes progress on the issue of memory and judges “ positive » the position of the French National Assembly which adopted Thursday March 28 a text which “ sentenced ” THE ” massacre ” of ” bloody and murderous repression of Algerians committed under the authority of the prefect of police Maurice Papon » during a demonstration in Paris in October 1961. More than 200 protesters died, according to historians.

While the presidential election in Algeria has been brought forward to September 7, we still do not know if Abdelmadjid Tebboune will officially be a candidate. But this confirmation of his coming to Paris after the election in Algeria could be interpreted as a sign of a probable candidacy.

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