Positive changes in Ukraine-Russia talks – “Russia understands that we will not give up our positions in principle”

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According to Russia, significant progress has been made in the negotiations since the beginning of the negotiations. According to Ukraine, Russia has made its approach more constructive. Negotiations are scheduled to continue tomorrow, Monday.

There have been cautiously positive statements over the weekend over talks between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian negotiating team said there had been “significant progress” in the negotiations. According to comments made in the Russian media and reported by Russian news agencies, a spokesman for the negotiating team says the situation has changed significantly since the start of the talks.

Ukraine and Russia have been negotiating on the Belarusian border since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

A representative of the Russians is said to believe that a common vision could be emerging in the next few days. Next time, representatives of Ukraine and Russia are scheduled to meet tomorrow, Monday, news agencies say.

Earlier on Sunday, Ukrainian negotiators Mikhail Podolyak wrote On Twitter (switching to another service)that Russia has stopped making threatening demands and is listening closely to the views of Ukrainians. The same update includes a video in which Podolyak says he believes concrete results will be achieved in the coming days.

– Our proposals are now on the table and they are tough. They concern, among other things, the withdrawal of troops and a ceasefire. In principle, we will not give up any of our positions. Russia already understands that. Russia is beginning to speak constructively. I think we will get results in a few days, Podolyak said.

On Saturday, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi described Russia’s change of approach in the negotiations. Earlier in the week, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for his part, he said that there had been positive changes in the negotiations and that negotiations were taking place almost daily.