Popular store closes for good: “Have cried a little”

Popular store closes for good Have cried a little

At the beginning of 2024, the industry organization Swedish Trade came out and warned that the rent increases could affect companies and endanger thousands of jobs.

Already in the second month of the year, several companies have gone bankrupt, due to, among other things, high rents. One of these companies is the popular clothing store Kompis in Mora, which also E-handel.se reported on.

The popular luxury department store has filed for bankruptcy

Went bankrupt after almost 50 years

The store has existed for almost 50 years, but now it is forced to close again for good. Increased premises rents and failing sales were two of the reasons, according to the store owner Maria.

On Instagram, Maria went out during the day and talked about the decision and the storm of emotions that washed over her and the other staff.

“Today, Kompis has been declared bankrupt. As a business owner and shop owner, there is no more boring decision to make. But failing sales in combination with many other factors such as online shopping, the pandemic, renovations in Mora and sharply increased rents ultimately made it unsustainable to continue. So today we’ve cried a little, talked to lawyers and broken up a little, but tomorrow we’ll get back on the horse,” she writes in the post.

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Thanked the customers for all the years

She also took the opportunity to thank all the loyal customers who have shopped with them over the years.

“In conclusion, I would like to warmly thank all the customers who over the years brightened our everyday life by visiting us and from time to time finding something suitable.”.

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