Popular pizzeria had to close – had mice in the kitchen: “Risk for human health”

Popular pizzeria had to close had mice in the

The community service administration in Ljusdal municipality had received an anonymous complaint from a group that saw a mouse running across the floor inside a pizzeria while they were eating there, which Siren also reported on.

The administration went there to do a check and was able to find mouse poo both “on the floor, in several places in the washroom, on the bottom shelf with clean equipment in the washroom, on the floor in a back storage room and on the floor under the freezer in the kitchen”, it says in The delegation decision which News24 took part in.

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Photo: Helena Landstedt/TTPizzerian claimed they had not seen mice before

The pizzeria’s staff claimed they had never seen traces of mice or mouse poo before.

When the administration found mouse poo in several different places in the pizzeria, they believed that animals had been in the premises, which means a great risk of direct or indirect contamination to food and thus “risk to human health”.

“Pizza dough is kept open in the dough room as well as ingredients for pizza in the kitchen that can be contaminated. Mouse droppings were found on the bottom shelf in the dish room where clean buckets and bowls are stored, which also risk contamination and thus also food,” the Delegation’s decision states.

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The pizzeria was forced to close immediately

As a result of the findings during the inspection, the pizzeria was immediately closed.

On March 27, the Community Service Board judged that “the business cannot guarantee that the premises are free of pests and thus does not meet the requirements of Regulation (EC) 852/2004, Annex II, Chapter I”, they write in their decision.

The pizzeria may not reopen until the control authority has made an assessment that the facility is cleaned and pest-free again.

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Nyheter24 is looking for the pizzeria for a comment.