Popular on TikTok, these noises can help you sleep better

Popular on TikTok these noises can help you sleep better

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    Noise to fall asleep. The idea may seem absurd, and yet it already has millions of followers on social networks, TikTok in mind, and has even been validated by experts. However, it is not a question of being lulled by all kinds of sounds, but by specific noises that promote falling asleep and the quality of sleep.

    Some people need complete silence to fall asleep peacefully, far from neighborhood and traffic noises that can ruin a night, while others only fall into Morpheus’ arms with certain background noises. Television, fan, vacuum cleaner, or rain would not only make it easier to fall asleep, but also to enjoy a restful sleep. Something that has not been validated by scientific studies, but whose merits are constantly being touted on social networks to the point that certain noises have gone viral. On the occasion of International Sleep Day, scheduled for March 17, here are a few to experiment with to find sleep more quickly.

    Quésaco a colored noise?

    Not content with offering music, information, and podcasts, music streaming services could now turn to sound therapies. A fashionable practice among younger generations who do not hesitate to share hundreds of videos and audios of various and varied noises intended to promote memorization, concentration, and even falling asleep. While most people are familiar with white noise, which has been the subject of many studies although on very limited panels, and takes the form of pleasant background noise intended to hide more unpleasant ones, fewer are those who have already heard of pink noises or brown noises, the colored noises, which are currently a hit on TikTok.

    You should know that each noise has characteristic properties, such as duration, intensity, frequency, or even what is called the power spectral density. Without going into too technical considerations, this last property will make it possible to differentiate certain types of noise, but also to distinguish them by color. All of this is often correlated with the spectra of light waves, hence the fact that noises are (also) associated with colors. For example, by analogy with white light, itself composed of all colored lights, white noise is made up of all the frequencies of the sound spectrum, and results in monotonous noises resembling a slight hum. .

    The principle is the same for pink noise and brown noise, which are essential on social networks as new aids to memorization, attention, and sleep. There are countless videos of users offering this type of noise to relax, meditate, or even fall asleep live – or almost – in front of the camera. On TikTok, the hashtag #pinknoise has already generated some 29 million views, while its cousin #brownnoise has accumulated nearly 120 million, demonstrating the enthusiasm for these specific noises that are likely to benefit the well-being of users.

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    Pink noise, ideal for sleep?

    According to the tiktokeurs, pink noise would be the one that would promote sleep the most. Like white noise, it would sound like a steady buzz but with much deeper sounds. In fact, it would be felt to be more relaxing. Most examples of pink noise, with a few exceptions, are associated with nature, such as the rustling of leaves, rain falling in the distance, or the movement of waves. These types of noises would make it easier to fall asleep, but above all would promote deep sleep. A confirmed finding by scientific studyalthough carried out on a very limited number of participants.

    Also popular on TikTok for its benefits on sleep, brown or brown noise, which some also call red noise, would be more likely to promote relaxation, meditation, and concentration. Unlike pink noise, it would not result in a buzz but a kind of rumble, more intense and deep in the low frequencies. Something that would make it the ideal noise to immerse yourself in a bubble of serenity, and relax after a stressful day. The sound of a waterfall or distant claps of thunder would thus be perfect sounds for relaxing.