Popular items disappear from store shelves

Popular items disappear from store shelves

Several customers feel that food in large packs and “family packs” have disappeared from store shelves recently. At the same time as the stores’ own brands are getting more and more space, which VLT was the first to report on.

Among other things, Felix’s family pack with small delicatessen meatballs is no longer sold at Willys. On the other hand, larger packages of Axfood’s own brand Eldorado are available in the Willys stores.

The same is the case with several different foods that come in larger packages – they have disappeared and been replaced with the chains’ own brands.

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Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TTThat’s why the big packs disappear from store shelves

Magnus Mai, refrigeration manager at Willys in Hälla, confirms to VLT that Willys is now investing more in its own brands, such as Eldorado and Garant.

– There must be something for everyone. But the biggest reason why goods are removed is poor sales, he says.

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“Gives good margins”

The fact that Willys has started selling more of the chain’s own brands is financially profitable for the stores.

– It is cheaper to buy in and it gives good margins, admits Magnus Mai VLT.

However, the prices for the customer become more expensive when the food chain invests in its own brands.

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Willy’s communications manager believes that it depends on demand

Johanna Eurén, who is communications manager at Willys, believes, however, that there is no systematic thought behind the investment, but rather it is about demand.

– If there is not enough demand for an item, or a certain packaging size, we have to remove it from the assortment to prioritize another item that more customers demand. Sometimes the supplier stops producing a certain item, or a certain package size, and then it disappears for that reason. If it is precisely one’s own favorite that disappears, then the experience may be that there is a system behind it, but that is not the case, she says to VLT.

She simply believes that with high inflation and higher overhead costs for customers, the demand for the food chains’ own brands increases. This means that more of it has to be bought in and to make room on the shelves, something else with lower demand may have to be removed.

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