Popular event with dynamic maps could be coming soon

The new season pass in FC24 Ultimate Team impresses again with numerous good packs, picks and players. But EA Sports has also hidden a hint about an upcoming promo. We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

This is the situation:

  • EA Sports released the new season pass in FC 24 Ultimate Team on Thursday.
  • The last level (level 25) contains a reference to the next promo, which will probably follow the Future Stars event.
  • In addition to the option to choose an 84+x20 Rare Gold Professionals Pack or the Thunderstruck version of the icon Luis Figo, there is also the option to secure a non-trade “1 of 3 Fantasy Team 1/2 Player Pick”. .
  • This points to the so-called “FUT Fantasy Promo”, which has already made it into the event calendar of the virtual trading card game in FIFA 22 and 23.
  • This is what the season pass reveals:

  • Since the description of the player pick speaks of a choice from teams 1 and 2, it is already clear that, like all previous promos, there will be two teams in UT Fantasy. Accordingly, the event will last a total of two weeks.
  • Since the new season pass will only be available for four weeks, the event must not only have started during this period, but both teams must also have been published. Therefore, UT Fantasy should make its way into Ultimate Team next week, unless EA adds a week-long event in between.
  • So the likely start date is Friday, February 23rd at 7:00 p.m.
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    This is what awaits us at UT Fantasy:

  • UT Fantasy will be available as a promo in FC 24 for the third time. If the event follows on from the previous two years, dynamic special cards await us.
  • The possible upgrades are linked to special conditions that are related to real football. If the player or their club performs well in the next games, the card in the game would improve.
  • Since the focus at this event is on clubs, it is likely that, as in the last offshoots of the football simulation, not only active professionals but also improved special versions of hero cards will be included in the packs.
  • How the event will ultimately play out remains to be seen. The first more detailed information will certainly leak out over the course of the week. Until then, the focus is still on the Future Stars.

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