Popolare di Sondrio, the positions vis-à-vis Credit Suisse are “negligible”.

Popolare di Sondrio the positions vis a vis Credit Suisse are negligible

(Finance) – Regarding the recent turmoil that has characterized the financial markets in recent days, the Banca Popolare di Sondrio it has no “exposures of any kind to US lenders involved in resolution processes”. Furthermore, he describes how “negligible“the”positions, both direct and indirect, towards Credit Suisse“. This can be read in the note with which the bank informed that the Board of Directors approved the 2022 draft budget and approved the distribution of a dividend.

Regarding the foreseeable evolution of management, despite the difficult macro context, the bank states that “profitability should reasonably improve and remain no lower than the provisions of the industrial plan approved in June of last year, thanks to the further growth of the interest margin and commissions and the careful cost containment action”.

At the same time, “the maintaining a high level of credit coverage“, is added.