Poor maintenance and an unreachable manager: many apartment owners are dissatisfied with their homeowners’ association

Poor maintenance and an unreachable manager many apartment owners are

David Snijders, expert in homeowners’ association ownership, also recognizes the dissatisfaction of apartment owners. “I was very surprised at the lack of knowledge among owners and managers.” The entrepreneur from Soest therefore decided to start a company with which he wants to turn homeowners into “smarter owners”. He does this, among other things, by sharing knowledge about the profession. “Because I think that this also increases involvement. You have no training to become a homeowners’ association manager and if basic knowledge is lacking, it is still complicated.” The pressure on homeowners’ associations is high and meetings become more unpleasant as a result, Snijders notes. “A manager has to manage too many homeowners’ associations at the same time, which causes a lack of time. and attention.”