Pontus Jansson on the punishment: “It’s great that they can give us a verdict for once”

It was finally a penalty that decided the gold rush between Malmö and Elfsborg. Ibrahim Buhari and Isaac Kiese Thelin went for the same ball and Glenn Nyberg pointed to the penalty spot.

– It was probably punishment because we have had many judgments against us. It’s great that they can once give a verdict with us too, says Pontus Jansson to SVT Sport.

Before the decider, the match was abandoned at the end of the first half and the second act did not start until an hour later due to a disturbance in the stands.

– It was special. I gave a fire speech before we went out and then the fire alarm went off and we had to go back in. Very special circumstances but I thought we handled it well. It is an incredible strength, says Jansson.