Ponte Messina, Cattaneo: “Work to be done as soon as possible”

Ponte Messina Cattaneo Work to be done as soon as

(Finance) – “I more than agree on the need to build the bridge over the Strait of Messina, I’ve always said it even before this government was formed. It must be done immediately, as soon as possible, for the generation of GDP and turnover that it will happen for the construction and also for after the construction, which will bring an important GDP with lower costs for the Sicilian economy which economists estimate at around 5%”. That’s what he said Flavio Cattaneo, executive vice president of Italoattending the event feuromed.

“Sometimes,” he added Cattaneo – I wonder why we wonder about the need for this bridge. Is there a country in the civilized world that has an island region of 5 million inhabitants that is a few kilometers from the peninsula and is not connected? Does not exist. Today those who produce or live in Sicily suffer an implicit damage, i.e. the cost of transport which is 50% higher than in the rest of the country”.