political agreement for the formation of the transition council

political agreement for the formation of the transition council

The members of the presidential council and the sectors represented there signed a political agreement around the transition. The document specifies its missions and the set timetable.

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With our correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Marie-André Belange

This council has two years to successfully transition into Haiti. His mandate will end on February 7, 2026. Until then, the 9 members of the Council, representatives of different political movements, civil society and the private sector, have set three objectives. Appoint a Prime Minister to replace Ariel Henry. Whoever is chosen will have to form a government. Those who are part of it will not be able to run in future elections.


Second objective: restore security. To achieve this, the transition council and the government will rely on a national security council which will be made up of national experts, professionals from the diaspora and other personalities to provide a response to the security crisis in Haiti.

Back to the polls?

The transitional body also promises a whole series of economic and judicial reforms and the fight against corruption and impunity. Final objective: the organization of democratic, free and inclusive elections so that a new president can take office in February 2026. If the goal is achieved, it will be the first time in 10 years that Haitians will return to the polls.

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