Police response in Salem after shooting – one dead

A large police operation was underway Monday evening in Salem after the police were alerted to a shooting.

A person has been found injured in a wooded area, according to the police. During the night, the police announced that a man in his 20s had died from his injuries.

A preliminary investigation into murder has been launched.

The alarm came in at 22.42 about loud explosions in the area. During the evening and night, a large police operation took place at the scene.

– We are there to find out the circumstances, we collect as much information as we can, says Nadya Norton, press spokesperson for the police.

The police confirmed just before midnight that it was a shooting.

Several police patrols were on the scene and a police helicopter flew over the area.

The police were initially tight-lipped about the circumstances.

– I will not go into the circumstances surrounding the injured or if we have any detainees, says Nadya Norton.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the police are still at the scene and continue the investigation.