Police reportedly caught the person behind the big leak – he’s only 17

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The highly anticipated game GTA 6 has had a huge leak with 90 videos showing gameplay in the last few days. Behind it is someone who posted in the forum that he was also responsible for a hack on “Uber”. This person appears to have been caught by the London police now. He is a 17 year old from Oxfordshire.

Who is the message from? The message is in two parts. There is an official part of the report and an unofficial one based on statements from anonymous sources.

The official report comes from the BBC. It says:

London Police arrested a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire on Thursday night. The teenager is being questioned by the cybercrime unit. He is still in custody at the moment. He is suspected of being part of a hack being investigated by the National Crime Agency.

The National Crime Agency is a British agency that handles things like organized crime, arms trafficking and human trafficking. But cybercrime is also examined.

It wasn’t originally clear what exactly he did.

The mega leak harms GTA 6 and Rockstar, but also the fans

Journalist cites sources saying: Teenager has to do with GTA 6 Leak

Journalist Matthew Keys said on Twitter about an hour ago: He has sources saying the incident was linked to the RockstarGames hack and possibly an Uber hack as well.

A short time later, Keys reported that his sources had confirmed that the 17-year-old’s arrest was linked to intrusion into Rockstar Games and possibly Uber.

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However, the message is not yet certain. It is clear that a 17-year-old was arrested and is being interrogated by the cybercrime unit.

However, it has not yet been officially confirmed that the arrest is related to the GTA 6 leak. This is only reported by the sources of the journalist Matthew Keys.

When do we know for sure? The journalist says they are expecting a statement from the police with details of the arrest later today. There could also be a statement from the FBI.

What was that leak? The leak was a “data dump”: a user had uploaded 3.4 gigabytes of videos. The videos featured clips and snippets from a test build of the highly anticipated gangster game, Grand Theft Auto 6.

The hacker behind the leak is said to have obtained these videos via “social engineering” by sneaking into a Slack group with developers of the game.

Rockstar Games later confirmed that the leak was real, but it was older material. The development studio said they were very disappointed that the leak had happened.

Recently it was said that the leaker was demanding money from Rockstar. He only listens to offers from 10,000 US dollars. It could well be that it turns out here: Crime doesn’t pay off after all. Strange that GTA of all things gives us this wisdom.