Police dog bit child in the face completely unprovoked

Police dog bit child in the face completely unprovoked

A man and his son were visiting the home of a police officer and his dog handler in Vaggeryd during the winter of 2023. It was a private home visit where the man was to pick up his daughter. The dog handler and the police dog were not on duty.

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The man and his son are standing in the hall waiting for the daughter when the police dog lunges completely unprovoked and bites the boy in the face. The dog’s bite led to a wound, medical visits and, among other things, a bloody jacket.

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The man receives SEK 7,516 in damages

Now the police authority has decided on SEK 7,516 in damages for costs and for pain and suffering.

However, the man had requested compensation of SEK 3,416 for the jacket and the journeys between home and healthcare facility, as well as SEK 30,000 for burning and pain.

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