Pokémon GO: Paldea Adventures event starts tomorrow with new monsters

In Pokémon GO, the event Paldea adventure starts tomorrow, which brings you a lot of spawns and bonuses. There will also be new monsters to be found. We at MeinMMO have summarized for you what these are and what else awaits you.

Which event is it about? In the new season Abundant Adventures, the Pokémon GO trainers are heading to the Paldea region. The event Paldea adventure, which starts on September 5th, makes the beginning.

With this you can look forward to a lot of spawns from the corresponding region, which is why there will be some new monsters. And there will also be one or the other bonus in the coming days. Below we will show you what content you can look forward to and what special hyperbonus you have earned for the event.

When is the event running? The Paldea adventure starts on September 05, 2023 at 10:00 local time and will be active until September 10, 2023 at 20:00 local time.

Pokémon GO brings the first Paldea Pokémon

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All new monsters and spawns for the Paldea event

What new monsters are there? The Paldea event will focus on monsters from the Paldea region. So you can meet the three starter Pokémon Felori, Krokel and Kwaks for the first time, which you can develop accordingly. In addition, there will also be the first possible Shiny from this region with Ferkuli.

All spawns: Especially in the wild you can meet the first development stage of the new Paldea monsters. But well-known Pokémon can also be caught in the wild in the coming days, with a bit of luck even as Shiny

  • will appear. Look out for the following:
  • hopscotch*
  • Dog Puff*
  • Bamelin*
  • dartiri*
  • felori
  • Crokel
  • kwaks
  • Ferculi* All Pokemon in Raids:

    The raids will also be adjusted again on the occasion of the event. Since you earned a special hyper bonus for GO Fest 2023, you will find a number of Unown in the raids in the coming days.

    This is your chance to complete your PokéDex accordingly and, with a bit of luck, even encounter a Shiny. You can meet the following monsters in the raids:raidsPokemon
    Level 1 RaidsIcognito A*
    Unknown D*
    Unknown E*
    Unown L*
    Unown P*Level 3 RaidsMachomey
    meta grossTortunator*Level 5 Raids
    until September 8th:
    Katagami (Northern Hemisphere)

    Kaguron (Southern Hemisphere)
    from September 8th:
    Katagami (Southern Hemisphere)

    Kaguron (Northern Hemisphere)

    Mega RaidsMega Voltenso*

    Pokemon with one can also be caught as Shiny with a bit of luck

  • Special 7km Eggs:
  • During the event, there will also be special 7km Eggs that you can get from gifts from your friends. In these you will also meet the new Paldea Pokémon:
  • felori
  • Crokel
  • kwaks


    In the following article we explain why you should also open your gifts in the coming weeks:

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    by Max Crafts

  • All bonuses to the Paldea adventure
  • You will also be able to benefit from some bonuses for the Paldea Adventure event. You earned some of them, such as limited research or the catch bonuses, through the hyper bonus for the GO Fest. The following bonuses await you:
  • x4 XP on catch
  • 4x stardust on capture
  • Gold PokéStops even without Gold Lure Modules
  • Wandering Greedy Specter only spawns with the Gold Lure Module
  • Higher shiny chance for Hoppspross, Hunduster, Bamelin and Dartiri
  • Special Research Abundant adventures with choice of a starter Pokémon
  • can be picked up until December 01, 2023 at 09:59
  • Temporary research on Ferkuli
  • Paldea Region Collector’s Challenge
  • Reward: Stardust and encounters with Ferkuli
  • field research
  • Encounters with Felori, Krokel, Kwaks, and Ferkuli*
  • Showcases with Ferkuli
  • New Avatar Items
  • Paldea set
  • Paldea backpack

    Paldea sandals View of the 2nd part of the Hyperbonus

    What else awaits you?

    But that was not all about the Paldea region. Before the Paldea adventure comes to an end on September 10th, you are already starting in another Paldea event, which you earned as a hyper bonus for the GO Fest. Under the name Hyperbonus: Paldea, other new monsters and bonuses come into play. The previous ones from the Paldea adventure will remain in place.

    When is the event running?

    The Hyper Bonus: Paldea will start on September 10, 2023 at 10:00 local time and will be active until September 15, 2023 at 20:00 local time. All new content for the Hyperbonus: Paldea event

  • What new monsters are coming?
  • In addition to the Pokémon that will already be available for the Paldea adventure, the following new monsters await you in the game for the Hyperbonus event:
  • Micrick with his further development Lextremo
  • Pamo with its further developments Pamamo and Pamomamo
  • adeborn*

    Frospino with its advancements Cryospino and Espinodon Frospino in particular is already popular with the coaches because of his further development. Additionally, the Tier 3 raid bosses are transitioning to Tortunator*, Axantor*, and Adeborn*. So this is your chance to finally get yourself an Axantor again.

  • Are there new bonuses?
  • Yes, you can then get one or two additional bonuses. Here’s what you can expect in addition to the Paldea adventure bonuses:
  • Various showcases
  • Micrick: September 10th to September 13th
  • Pamo: September 14th to September 15th
  • Field research with Pamo
  • Limited research: Get yourself a jerk for around 5 euros in the in-game shop
  • Encounters with Pamo
  • Pamo backpack for the avatar
  • 3x Rare Candies
  • 1x incubator
  • 10x silver pineapple berries
  • 921x Stardust

    9,210 XP

    How do you like the content around the Paldea region? Which monster is your favorite? And which bonus are you looking forward to the most? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments. There’s still a lot going on in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We show you all the events in September and which ones are particularly worthwhile.