Pokémon GO is finally making the sizes of Pokémon important to you

In Pokémon GO you can catch big and small monsters, but basically the size doesn’t matter much. That could change.

An XXL Flegmon, an XXS Pikachu, a gigantic Rattfratz and a mini Gyarados: Although you can grab Pokémon of various sizes for a long time, they primarily have a collector’s effect.

So far, the size of a monster hasn’t really brought you anything, apart from the fact that you can level up corresponding medals with such catches.

But that seems to be changing now. The Pokeminers searched the Pokemon GO code again and found new details about two fresh features: contests and routes.

What are these features?

You should consider this: The finds are data mining, i.e. leaks. Whether and when the features will come into play is open until Niantic makes an official announcement. However, Pokeminers have made a name for themselves as a reliable source for early leaks in the past.

What was found? More details were found on two features that have been discussed for some time.

The first are the “Contests”. They first appeared in January 2023. Now the Pokeminers found new clues in the code on how these contests should work. And this is where size might be important (via pokeminers.com)

According to the current status, the player has to travel to a PokéStop where a contest is taking place. There you can then hand in a Pokémon that takes part. You can only have one monster in the race per competition.

According to the current status, there should only be one type of competition at the moment: namely, who has the biggest Pokémon.

In addition, the Pokeminers explain that you can only enter a new competition if you have collected the rewards from a previous one. In addition, a monster cannot participate if it has just won another competition. Recently traded monsters should also not be allowed to participate.

You should also be able to earn ranks and points in competitions, as well as rewards. So it could be worth collecting particularly large monsters and not simply sending them off just because they are not among the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

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What is the second feature? These are the “routes”, which have also been discussed for a long time. Here, the Pokeminers also found new details.

So you should be able to create routes by choosing start and end points and running them. They are given names and descriptions, and they can be anywhere from 500 meters to 20 kilometers long. Pins are then placed along the route.

Particularly interesting: The routes apparently have to be checked by Niantic, in contrast to the PokéStop system, which runs through Wayfarer. Above all, it is still unclear what exactly the routes will actually bring.

That remains to be seen for now. However, it seems that Pokémon GO could have two new features in the house – at least in the long term. Because when and in what form the features will come is still uncertain.

In short, the event for the “intuitive hero” ended in Pokémon GO. This caused trouble, however, because the most exciting monster in the event is extremely rare.