poisoning after suspicion of deception?

poisoning after suspicion of deception

CARANTEC. After the dismal discovery of a couple and their two lifeless children in Carantec in Brittany, the thesis of poisoning would be favored by the investigators, against a backdrop of suspicions of infidelity of the husband towards his wife.

[Mis à jour le 2 novembre 2022 à 21h57] Sunday October 30, 2022, a family made up of a couple and two children was found dead at their home in Carantec, a town in Finistère. Tuesday November 2, the first elements of the investigation seem to indicate that the thesis of poisoning would be privileged, after the husband suspected his wife of infidelity in a difficult context of separation from the couple. As a reminder, the mother of the family, as well as her two daughters, were found dead on the floor of the house. The father’s body was hanging on the ground floor.

The thesis of poisoning would be favored for the death of the mother and her two daughters, according to information from our colleagues from the Breton daily the Telegram, and this “due to traces of vomiting observed in the girls’ bed”. A hypothesis also supported by the fact that, when the gendarmes made this macabre discovery, the family home “showed no apparent disorder”, indicated the Brest prosecutor’s office. However, the exact circumstances of this tragedy are still not known, as investigations are continuing. Autopsies are to take place at the end of the week. The public prosecutor of Brest also wanted to recall that although considered, the hypothesis of poisoning could not yet be affirmed.

While the couple were in the process of separating, a person close to the family told BFM TV that the husband suspected his wife of having a lover. Also according to this source, the father would have seen conversations on social networks, which would have led him to think that she was seeing another person. “Florence had changed, she had started to wear makeup,” said this family member. “Even his mother (the) said to him, she said to him: ‘Do you see anyone?'”, she added. However, another relative of the mother, also contacted by BFM TVallegedly claimed that she was not dating anyone else, and that this would have caused the father to misunderstand her desire to divorce.

What do we know about the death of four people in Carantec?

A family of four were found dead in a house in Carantec, northern Finistère, on Sunday October 30. According to information from Telegram, a father was found hanged on the ground floor. His wife and their two daughters, aged 8 and 11, were unconscious in their beds. The family dog ​​was also found dead.

The mother of the companion alerted the gendarmes on Sunday, October 30, not having heard from her daughter since the day before. The firefighters and the gendarmes therefore went to the family’s house, discovering the bodies of the family. The public prosecutor of Brest indicated that the first elements of the investigation of this chilling discovery “did not reveal any trace of external injury, nor of the use of a weapon on any of the bodies”.

In this village of 3000 inhabitants, located on the edge of the Channel, 13km from Morlaix, there is misunderstanding after the announcement of the tragedy. “They were great people, nice, nothing to say. They had bought another piece of land next door and then they seemed to be well established here. There is no indication that someone was going to commit such a barbaric act. It’s a shock”, comments a neighbor to RMC.

The separation of the couple at the origin of the drama of Carantec?

This tragedy occurred against a background of crisis within the family couple according to the statements of the Brest prosecutor’s office, which indicated that the mother of the family had received a slap in the face by her husband on October 8, 2022. She had gone to the gendarmerie of Saint-Pol-de-Léon 11 days later, on October 19, not to file a complaint, but to report that she was leaving the family home.

Camille Miansoni, public prosecutor of Brest, in remarks transcribed by RTL, gave more information on the family context: after the 38-year-old mother went to the gendarmerie on October 19, she was able to return to her home. In the evening, the gendarme who interviewed her got in touch with her “to ask her how the departure from the marital home went”. To which the 30-year-old replied: “He understood. I left. I hope that we will be able to reach an amicable agreement on the children”, added the prosecutor.

The married couple was therefore in the process of separating but, according to the information communicated by the prosecution, the wife “did not express any concern about this relationship, except for the tension which was arising in the couple at the time of occasion of this separation”. Against the background of the crisis, each member of the couple had consulted lawyers to initiate divorce proceedings. Also guest of BFM TV, the public prosecutor gave some additional elements. During her hearing on October 19, the wife said she was looking for “an amicable agreement with her husband, that she did not want to add fuel to the fire” despite the divorce proceedings.