PODCAST. The lucrative turn of the creators of ChatGPT

PODCAST The lucrative turn of the creators of ChatGPT

In this new episode of La Loupe, Xavier Yvon analyzes the objectives of the inventors of ChatGPT with Antoine Beau, journalist at the web service of L’Express, and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, computer scientist and philosopher, specialist in artificial intelligence at the Faculty of sciences from Sorbonne University.

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The team: Xavier Yvon (presentation and writing), Ambre Rosala (editing) and Jules Krot (directing).

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Xavier Yvon: As often, I’m going to start an episode by opening the cabinet of La Loupe… but for once, the definition that I’m going to store there, it’s me who’s going to give it to you: it’s that of “the wow effect “…

“The wow effect” is the wonder you feel when you find yourself faced with something unexpected and extraordinary… it can be a landscape, a person, an object, or even… a podcast! Marketing even theorized the concept to try to provoke it in consumers…

In the field of technologies, which interests us today, the “wow effect” is the sensation caused, for example, in those who turned on the first television set, in those who discovered the first Internet pages (I part) or among those who handled the first iPhone…

When we feel this “wow effect” we have the impression of witnessing a moment of changeover… and for a few weeks, many of us have experienced it by experimenting with ChatGPT: this conversational robot capable of writing coherent texts in a flash , inventing jokes or taking medical exams…

With ChatGPT, the general public realized for themselves the power and the possibilities of artificial intelligence… and they thought… “wow”.

So much for the definition… the rest you know, ChatGPT has also caused concern about its possible abuses… and since this is not our first podcast on artificial intelligence in La Loupe, we have decided to address these fears by following a maxim: it’s not the technology that you have to look at, but the humans behind it…

And behind ChatGPT, there is an American company called OpenAI… Initially, it promised to work for the good of humanity, to share its discoveries and not to seek to make profits… but, you will To hear it, the objectives of the inventors of ChatGPT have changed, the safeguards have jumped… and this story could weigh heavily in the development of future artificial intelligences.

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