PNRR, Court of Auditors reiterates its opposition to amendments Pa

Court of Auditors Italys economy resilient to shocks confidence in

(Finance) – TheAssociation of Magistrates of the Court of Auditors “reiterates the clear opposition to the two rules which remove the projects of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan from the concurrent control of the Court of Auditors and extend the exclusion of administrative liability for grossly culpable acts committed by both public and private entities, reducing by made the protection of public finance”. This is what we read in a note released by the accounting magistrates after the extraordinary meeting convened by the association in view of the approval of the amendments included by the government in the dl Pa

“The functions of the accounting judiciary are not at stake but – the note continues – the protection of citizens. The confirmation of the revenue shield, in the absence of the pandemic emergency context in which it was born, it prevents the prosecution of those responsible and the recovery of distracted resources, ensuring that the damage remains the responsibility of the community. At the same time, the abolition of ongoing controls, on activities specifically aimed at relaunching the economy, means weakening the safeguards of legality, regularity and correctness of administrative action. The Association, with the tools it has at its disposal, will continue to carry out its functions in defense of the independence and autonomy of the Accounting Judiciary. And, in supporting the institutional leaders on what was expressed in the recent parliamentary hearing, it will promote any useful initiative to combine speed and legality of administrative action, in compliance with national regulations and European constraints”.

“The left is in great difficulty. Not only does it say that there is an authoritarian drift if you extend the rules of the Draghi government in the Court of Auditors. I quietly observe that we are doing what the previous government did. The problem is that there is a authoritarian drift if someone who comes from the right and not from the left didn’t have the same rights they have. This is a problem. They say that there is an authoritarian drift on the Court of Auditors which continues to carry out checks, produces the six-monthly report and nobody put a gag on her,” commented la Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni interviewed by Quarta Repubblica on Retequattro. But unlike what the Draghi government did – as the Court of Auditors underlined – the context of a pandemic emergency is missing.