Players Will Be Able to Choose an Installation Location for Games Purchased from Microsoft Store

Players Will Be Able to Choose an Installation Location for

Microsoft has tackled a problem that gamers have been waiting for a solution to for many years. The inability of players to determine the location where games purchased from Microsoft Store will be installed has become a big problem for users. Finally the company came up with a solution to this and eventually Players will be able to choose the installation location for the games they buy from Microsoft Store.

Players will be able to determine where the games they purchase from Microsoft Store will be installed!

Microsoft has achieved great success in terms of Xbox application and PC Game Pass application. These applications are among the most used gaming platforms by game lovers. However, the company does not allow players to purchase games. Microsoft Store platform He could not achieve the success he wanted.

Gamers consider the Microsoft Store cumbersome and limited. One of the most challenging restrictions for players using the platform is the inability to select the game download area. The game purchased from Microsoft Store There is no option to choose a download area such as drive or directory. Some disadvantages of Microsoft Store, such as this, direct the user away from this platform and towards different applications. For example; Such as Steam, Epic Games Store, EA Play,, Ubisoft Connect and so on.

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Taking into account the evaluations of the players, the company made an optimization in this area. Microsoft introduced an option for where to install games purchased from the Store. This feature, which comes with an update, is currently only available on Windows 11. Thanks to this update Game purchased from Microsoft Store Users will be able to install it to a drive or a different location on their computers.

With this update before downloading the game A screen appears on the screen where you can choose which area the game will be installed in. Here, the default driver can be changed via the game installation options section and the Microsoft Store Settings page. In fact, this feature is already available in UWP games and the Xbox app. In addition, the feature in question could be used in productions rented or purchased through the Xbox application.

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Gamers’ Comments on Microsoft Installation Location Update

Gamers have actually been complaining about the lack of this feature for more than 10 years. It is a matter of curiosity why a company like Microsoft is so late for this update. Moreover, for now the location selection feature is Windows 11 Valid for. It is not yet clear whether this optimization will be available within Windows 10.