Players buy a graphics card for 1,400 euros and secure it in their gaming PC with a real pistol

A player shows on Reddit how he protects his new graphics card for 1,400 euros from sagging. Instead of using the manufacturer’s accessories, he prefers to use a 40-year-old firearm.

It has become a bit of a trend on Reddit to use the most original graphics card supports possible in your gaming PC. However, this assumes that the graphics card actually fits into the computer.

To do this, users often use everyday objects from the household, which, when combined with their graphics card, create funny images.

One player is now taking this to the extreme. He decided on a small firearm to give his 1,400 euro graphics card the secure support it needed.

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Firearm in the gaming PC becomes a graphics card support

What did the player do? In a post on Reddit, the user deltarho presents an unusual method for securing his new graphics card. He deliberately forgoes the support provided by the manufacturer for his 1,400 expensive MSI GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER.

The player prefers to use a 40-year-old firearm that was originally developed in Italy. In this case it is a model of the Beretta 21A Bobcat that is only manufactured in the USA. The semi-automatic pocket pistol may look familiar to many a shooter player.

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Why a pistol as support? deltarho says that as a collector he has several versions of this weapon in his possession. The model used in his gaming PC is just an exhibition piece that can serve as an original support due to its suitable dimensions.

I found that my Beretta 21A Bobcat is the perfect height to use as a makeshift anti-sag mount.

deltarho on Reddit

In messages below his post, the player goes into further detail. As a fan of the 80s, the Beretta reminds him of that time. After he reveals that he is an American, answers follow that target the cliché about gun use in the United States.

M78MEDIA gets to the point with his comment:

The most American GPU support bracket

Another player went even further and used the post as inspiration to use a gun to keep his graphics card from sagging: “I’m stealing this idea as soon as I get home from work!” (Ru5tBeard via Reddit )

Using a pistol to support a graphics card is admittedly very unusual. At least this construction seems stable, provided the gaming PC always stays in place. It looks much less certain in the case where the user used half a pencil: Gamer buys a graphics card for $500 and then protects it with half a pencil for a few cents