Players are scared of a character in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but he has really good rewards for you

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 there is a character who rewards you richly if you solve 10 puzzles. But the players find the appearance of the quest giver frightening.

What kind of character is this? There are various quest givers in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and one that you meet in the middle of the game is particularly scary. We’re talking about the Sphinx, which draws attention to itself with its intimidating looks and revealing appearance.

Who is the Sphinx? The Sphinx is a mythological creature with the body of a lion, the head of a human and the wings of an eagle.

She lives secluded and lonely in a well-hidden shrine in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you find her, she will give you ten puzzles that will give you good rewards.

You can see the trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 here.

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The Sphinx is scary, even though she is half naked

Why is the Sphinx fearsome? Players find the Sphinx particularly horrifying because of its strange facial expressions. From our cover photo you can clearly see why the players are a bit afraid of her. What’s also interesting is that despite her revealing clothing, the players tend to find her fearful.

There are already a few videos about the Sphinx on TikTok. This also includes the TikTok video by in_gob_we_trust, which collects many comments about the Sphinx. It’s That One Guy writes there: “Sphinx has that ‘Makima’ death stare on it.” This refers to the character from the anime and manga Chainsaw Man, who stands out because of his special eyes.

fartsmella praises her design: “It’s amazing how her scales grow and fade as her pupils dilate, such attention to detail.”

Whoever solves the puzzles receives valuable rewards

What are these puzzles? The Sphinx has 10 puzzles for you. A reward awaits you at the end of each puzzle and at the end of the quest series you will receive another 27,000 XP, 10,000 gold and the wisdom key with which you can open the golden chest and receive the Eternal Lazarus Stone.

In the puzzles you have to complete various tasks, not all of which we would like to list here. You have to travel, collect, fight and at the end there is a boss fight waiting for you. If you want to know what exactly the Sphinx is all about, you can take a look at our guide: Dragon’s Dogma 2: Sphinx Puzzles – This is how you solve the 10 puzzles