Players are forcing Bungie to retract a “cowardly change.”

There has been a lot of excitement in the last few days about a sudden change of course in the online shooter Destiny 2: Bungie only wanted to bring 6 of the promised 12 new weapons into the game over the course of 6 weeks. The last one would have only existed a week before the expansion “The Final Form”. Now Bungie is officially backtracking and offering players a compromise.

That was the fightt: It’s about the new free update “Into the Light”, which Bungie is currently presenting in three streams. The free expansion is intended to keep players entertained until The Final Shape finally appears in early June. That was postponed and Destiny 2 is now suffering from a content drought.

We reported on the last stream on Tuesday evening, March 26th:

  • 12 iconic weapons are set to return to Destiny 2
  • We have listed the weapons for you, they are items like “Luna’s Howl” or “The Peak”, all well-known weapons. The items are available in a normal and a limited version with shaders: When “The Final Shape” appears, you can no longer get the limited versions.
  • These 12 weapons, it was thought, would all come to Destiny 2 with the expansion’s release on April 9th. Then players would have about 2 months to farm all the limited weapons.
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    Bungie puts 6 weapons behind a time lock afterwards

    This was the change: As Bungie announced after the stream, the plan was different:

  • 6 weapons should come directly on April 9th
  • However, the other 6 weapons were “time-gated” and were only supposed to appear one after the other, so that all 12 would not be in the game until 6 weeks later, on May 21st
  • Players fear: they only have a week – and they are annoyed

    This was the criticism: This change was not well received at all, Bungie was accused of being “cowardly” and not announcing that 6 weapons were timegated straight away in the stream, but only afterwards.

    Players didn’t want this to drag on forever, they wanted the weapons as quickly as possible. Because if the last weapon doesn’t come into play until May 21st, you have extremely little time to get it.

    And what if you have important real-life commitments? This week of all days you have to blow-dry your poodle, dig up the garden or do your tax return?

    The problem: “The Final Shape” will be released on June 4th and then the limited editions of the weapons will no longer be available.

    Bungie compromises

    This is Bungie’s reaction: Bungie has now given in and will release the first six weapons on April 9th. For the remaining 6 weapons you won’t have six weeks, but only three.

    All 12 weapons should be in the game by April 30th. That’s at least a compromise.

    Bungie also assures that you can get the weapons “guaranteed and quickly,” even if you don’t have much time.

    But if you want to grab the Godroll, you should plan your time.

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    What weapons will appear right at the start? The 6 weapons that players can expect right away are the following (via dotesports). We are adding the German names specifically to prevent nasty comments about Good Friday:

  • The Recluse – The Hermit Spider
  • Elsie’s Rifle – Elsie’s rifle
  • Succession – inheritance
  • Edge Transit – edge transit
  • Falling Guillotine – Falling Guillitony
  • Hung Jury SR4 – Disagreement SR 4
  • At least that was the plan before Bungie changed course. We at MeinMMO are currently assuming that it will stay that way.

    How is this discussed? On Twitter this is described as a “win” and a “fair compromise.”

    Phew, a lot of excitement again in Destiny 2 – but you could have seen that coming.

    Destiny 2 wants to inspire veterans and free players again with a big event – ​​we know that