Players are cheating so hard in The Division 2 that the servers are going down

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

The loot shooter The Division 2 must now take measures against the escalating cheating in the game. The problem now goes so far that the servers suffer from the massive XP cheats.

Fans of the Division series are currently in a difficult position. The main series has been idle since the release of the DLC Warlords of New York 2020, there has been no information on the two offshoots “Resurgence” (Mobile) and “Heartland” for months, the implementation of one planned feature film is uncertain.

The main series with the current title The Division 2 runs at least in a kind of extended maintenance mode. There are always new seasons that bring small bits of content into play. Season 11 brought some new gear and a fresh bounty hunt.

However, some players also actively deal with breaking the rules in the game. It should go especially to XP glitches. This has now even assumed such bad proportions that the developers have to intervene.

You can watch the trailer for the current Season 11 here:

The Division 2: Season 11 Trailer

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Server affected by XP glitches

What’s currently going on in Division 2? The team behind The Division tweeted the following about the situation:

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Tweet translation: “We are watching players who bypass game mechanics and systems to accumulate excessive amounts of XP in a short amount of time. This resulted in high latencies on our servers, making the game unstable and less fun. We monitor this behavior and players who exploit such exploits will receive a temporary ban (14 days) after the first violation. Repeated violations will result in a permanent ban.”

For a long time, little attention was paid to XP exploits in the game. A wave of bans due to the DPS glitch and the zombie boss glitch once caused a stir in the community.

XP glitches were never a big issue. But there are many vulnerabilities to bypass the system and get more XP from an activity than intended.

Now a point has apparently been reached where even the servers are suffering from the burden of the many XP distributions.

How the main series of The Division will continue remains unclear. Ubisoft declared the game a financial flop and identified the proximity to its predecessor The Division 1 as a problem, among other things. A game that took a long time to flourish – and then Division 2 came.

It’s been three years since Division 2’s last DLC, and the loot shooter draws little attention. Those responsible may already have a plan in hand, but there is currently no evidence of this.

You can read more about the history of Division 2 here: Ubisoft screwed up The Division 2 – now they are paying a high price for it