Player intentionally ruins two HC raids, gets banned – announces his third time

There are harmless trolls in World of Warcraft. And then there’s a player who spends years plotting to destroy a guild.

World of Warcraft is more than just a game. Many have found friends here and some have even found partners for their entire lives. But there are also people with clearly sinister intentions in World of Warcraft – such as the infamous “Tinyviolin”. This is the second time he has killed a large part of a WoW hardcore guild. Despite his account being blocked, he announces: The third time will come.

Who is Tinyviolin? We already reported on the player Tinyviolin a while ago. He sneaked into the “HC Elite” guild in order to then destroy it from the inside. The guild took on the “Hardcore” challenge of World of Warcraft – a game mode in which each character only has one life and if the character dies, the character is considered lost. So the goal was clear: drive as many characters to their deaths as possible.

What did this player do? He was on good terms with the guild for almost a year, only to put his cruel plan into action in the Naxxramas raid. The trust in him was so great that he was even used as a tank for the fight against the 4 Horsemen, one of the tougher fights of Naxxramas. After the fight started, he deliberately dragged his boss to the wrong corner of the room, causing a majority of the characters to die.

But Tinyviolin was far from satisfied with that. Then he sneaked into a guild again – and pursued the plan again. This time the moment of truth should strike in Ahn’qiraj, with the final boss C’thun. Here he activated the boss and ensured that several players in the raid met their immediate death.

The streamer Asmongold also reacted to the incident:

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What happened next? Apparently he was reported by several players for this behavior – and a short time later his account was blocked, probably permanently. However, Tinyviolin doesn’t let that stop him. It can be assumed that he has several WoW accounts and probably mainly purchases them (which is actually forbidden). Because he then announced: “That was the day of reckoning 2.0. The third day of reckoning is already being planned and it will come.”

Why does he do this? He explains in a stream why he keeps choosing HC Elite as a target to ruin the day of his guild colleagues. Whether that is a valid reason remains to be seen, because he says:

Because they’re fucking blue-haired nerds and bad things happen to bad people. HC Elite are scum.

Even though these attempts at trolling certainly have a certain amount of entertainment value for viewers, each time he does so he ruins the work of hundreds of hours of his fellow players, who repeatedly level up a character and prepare him for raid level.

What do you think of such behavior? Just a fun way to troll? Or is it more worrying behavior?